Wednesday, 2 December 2009


Portugalete is the second most important town on the Left Bank of Bilbao's river. With a population of almost 50.000 people, this town has had and actually has a great importance in the industry of Biscay, as it has historically been the entrance of Bilbao's port. This strategical situation has been very important to Portugalete, because it has given a lot of money to the town.

The people from Portugalete are known as "jarrilleros", and amongst them very famous people have emerged. Castaños general, who defeated Napoleon at Bailen's battle, Patxi López, current lehendakari and Julen Guerrero, a great football player, are some examples of famous "jarrilleros".

The fiestas of Portugalete, in honour of Saint Roque, are celebrated on the 14th of June. During those days, all Portugalete has a great fun, enjoying the different events that are organized, as well as the fantastic atmosphere that there is.

In Portugalete there are some important monuments which should be seen, at least, once in a lifetime. We have the beautiful gothic basilic of Santa María, the stunning Tower of Salazar and the breath-taking architectural wonder known as "El puente Colgante", symbol of the town. Also remarkable is the Port of Churruca, where tourists can have a beautiful walk near the river enjoying the incomparable sights that the Nervion (the river) offers. Portugalete is an amazing town which will leave a great impression on visitors.

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