Wednesday, 2 December 2009

My hometown (by amaia)

I have always lived in Bilbo. I don´t think it´s particulary beautiful, but I like very much as it´s my home town and I love living there.
Bilbao is located in the north of Spain and it´s the capital of province Bizkaia. Compared to other cities such as London or Paris, Bilbao it´s not a very big city, although it´s the biggest city of the Basque Country.

As you can see in the picture, Bilbao is separated in two by the river Nervion. During the industrial revolution, lots of factories and businesses were built along the river, as it was very easy to export products thanks to its proximity to the sea. At that time, Bilbao was a sad and grey inustrial city, but now Bilbao has changed a lot and it has became a much more beautiful city and lots of tourists visit it every year.

If you like shopping, then you should have a walk through the metropolitan area of Bilbao. Lots of shops can be found all along the Gran Via street, the longest and most important street of the city. Anyway, if you prefere shopping centers rather than small shops, you can also go to Zubiarte, a shopping center located near the biggest and most beautiful park of Bilbao. And, if you are tired after a long day of walking, you can take the underground to go back home. The underground of Bilbao is one of the cleanest of Europe and it´s a fast and easy way to travel in Bilbao, but if you prefer you can also take the tramway and see the city without the need of walking!

In Bilbao there are also a lot of museums, but the most important is the Guggenheim Museum. This museum is very original and it´s made of titanium, and thanks to its starnge look it has became really popular. There are a lot of interesting paintings and sculptures there, but perhaps the most surpising thing of this musem is the great dog made of flowers which is near the entrance of the it. This dog is called Pupi and each season of the year the change the flowers so that it never looks exactly the same is it did the last time you saw it!

There´s no place for eating better than the old part of Bilbao. There, you can find food from all over the world, but you can also find typical basque food, such as "pintxos", some kind of snacks made of different kinds of food. There are very simple and traditional ones made of ham or omelet, but you can also find modern and surpising ones which can be made of any food you can think about. Apart of its food, the old part of the city is also popular because of its old, colorful and beautiful houses and because of the Santiago Cathedral, which is located there.

I don´t think Bilbao is the best city of the world but I really like it, because I think it´s a very interesting and also a quiet beautiful city, where there are always lots of things to do. In my opinion, Bilbao is a good place to live.

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