Wednesday, 2 December 2009

My Town

Bilbao is my home town. It is the largest city in Biscay. In fact, it has more than 350,000 inhabitants and nearly 1 million people live in the metropolitan area. Historically, it has been important because of the heavy industry. Unfortunately, that´s why the city was thought to be a dark place. But now, the corporation is trying to regenerate it.
The Guggenheim museum is the symbol of that regeneration.

Since the beginnig of the XXI century Bilbao has developed its tourism. Consequently, the number of visitors has rosen a lot. The area of Bilbao is well known for the gastronomy, actually many chefs were born there.

In the 50s and 60s there was a lot of immigration from central and southern spaniards who came in order to find a job in the prosperopus Bilbao. At the moment people fom Asia, America and Eastern Europe are coming to my town. Cultures from all over the world coexist in Bilbao with no problem. This cosmopolitan city offers several cultural events such as an opera season or many art exhibitios in both Guggenheim and `Bellas Artes´museums.

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