Tuesday, 1 December 2009


My home town is Leicester which, for some reason, you pronounce as "Lesta". But it's a long time since I have lived in there, I moved away when I was seventeen. Then I thought it a very boring place, not particularly big or small, and wanted to live somewhere more exciting. However, now I think differently. There is a great cultural mix in the city with many people second, third and fourth generation immigrants.

You can eat the best Indian food anywhere in Leicester. It's particularly good for vegetarian recipes that originate from the south of India. There are also shops where you can buy material for saris, ingredients for Jamaican dishes and whole streets where Kenyan jewellers display their wares.

Leicester University has an international reputation based on the fact that both students and teachers are engaged in research about space. Leicester Physicists (led by Professor Ken Pounds) played an important role in proving Einstein's General Theory of Relativity - that black holes exist and are common in the universe.

And if you are in search of history, you will find some of the most important Roman remains in the whole of Europe dating from around AD 50 when the city was used as a military settlement.

So if you are thinking of a trip to England, you can see that it's well worth planning a stop there.

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