Wednesday, 2 December 2009

My Home Town: Bilbao visit it!

This is my home town: Bilbao. It's the biggest city of Basque Country, it has 353,168 inhabitants, so as you can supose it's an exciting city. I think people here brings bilbao in his heart, they are very influenced by the nationalism movement of the Basque Country. That's why the local football team Athletic Club is well known because of its phylosofy, and it's fans are meant to be the best of all Spain. Bilbao's big week which is the main festival of the city attracts almost 100,000 people each year, is a huge party symbolized by "Marijaia" a traditional character of this event.

Last twenty years have been very succesfull for culture in Bilbao. The Calatrava Bridge orthe or the Euskalduna Palace are two of the most famous contemporany buildings of Bilbao, but the jewel of Bilbao's crown is the Guggenheim museum. Designed by the famous architec Franz Ghery and made of glass, titanium and limestone it's the main objective of turists.

Deusto university is the best education centre of bilbao, it's internationaly famous because the high level of his commercial department wich is in the top ten commercial grades of all europe.
Its directed by the jesuits company, that also has a well known school in city's centre.

Since 2001 immigration in Bilbao has reached the 2 % of the total population. Although it has changed Bilbao's culture, it contrasts with the spanish media wich is arund the 11%. Nowadays eating in a chinese restaurant or in a mexican one is a common thing, but it hasn´t changed Bilbao's main traditions.

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