Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Play and create a quiz

Playing the game
Go to
  • Read the instructions describing how to play the game by clicking on i
  • Divide yourself into teams with 3/4 people in each team
  • Play the game

Creating your own game 
When you finish, copy the address to your quiz and put it in a post on the blog
Now in pairs play each others’ games.

Thursday, 11 March 2010


By Gorka, Ander & Joan

Super Broccoli

By Ignacio & Ignacio

Tamagotchi's last mission

By Nerea, Nerea and Amaia

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Sarah Palin & Larry King Finally!

Open cities?

Open Cities is the title of a British Council project.

These are the cities included in the project.

What do you think an Open City is? What would make a city open for you?

You are going to investigate one of the cities from the list.
  • Read about it on the OpenCities site
  • Find more information about it from the internet (wikipedia, youtube etc.)
  • Be prepared to report back on what you found out and to say whether you consider it to be an open city or not
You are now going to create a VoiceThread slideshow with your suggestions for what you consider would make Bilbao an open city.
  • You'll need my log in for VoiceThread
  • Choose suitable photographs (at least 5) to illustrate your suggestions. You can search for them using either FickrStorm (remember to do a creative commons search) or Google image search
  • Record your suggestions

Monday, 1 March 2010

The box story

tragic soap opera

Working with VoiceThread

With VoiceThread you can make a slideshow with photos/images, text and recorded sound.

If you are having problems completing your movie in Xtranormal, you can do it in VoiceThread instead:
(you'll need to log in to VoiceThread with my password)
  • select photos/images for your characters
  • upload them to VoiceThread
  • record your dialogue for each character: alternating your photos and recordings to simulate your dialogue