Wednesday, 2 December 2009

PATRITOWN! a good place for living:)

Bilbao is my hometown, the biggest city in the Basque Country and the largest one in Bizkaia. I have lived here since I was born. I live in Deusto, a neighbourhood of the city. It´s placed in one side of the river Nervion joined to the other side of the city by many bridges designed by different famous architects, as Calatrava.

If we talk about food we can say that we have some plates that are just prepared here, like "bacalao a la vizcaina", "pastel vasco", "talo" or a cake called "carolina". But in recent years, due to the immigration, restaurants of different kinds of food have been opened, offering us food of all over the world. So if you don´t like our food just try in them, but you should know that the Basque Country is well-known because of its renowned cooks!!

My neighbourhood has a very famous and important University, the University of Deusto. It´s a private university where you can study from medicine to law. But a word of warning: this is a very demanding place. The building is a construction built more than a hundred years ago, it´s a historic place.

Finally, and not less important, I'm going to write about the soul of Bilbao. Of course, San Mames, the football pitch. THAT is a historic place too!The legend says that San Mames was a man that had been thrown to the lions, that's why the players of the team are called "lions". Further more, the Athletic is the second oldest football team in Spain. It's game and pitch is very similar to English ones because Athletic was created by an English man.

To sum up, Bilbao is a city where you can confortably live, it has got everything you need!

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