Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Bilbao ! irantzu

My home town is Bilbao and I always lived there. I think that is a small city but it has everything you can imagine. In the last years has had a very big change, nowadays is bigger and more beautiful. I live in one of the oldest part of the town, called Old part. It’s Bilbao’s heart because in the past Bilbao only was this part and later started to grow and becoming like today.

Architecture in Bilbao is still having importance and many old buildings have a magnificent architecture, but not only old one today’s building are recognized all over the world like a excellent word art for example Guggenheim Art Museum, The Isozaki’s towers…

In Bilbao we have a great week that is when everybody has an excellent time, we called “Aste Nagusia”. In that week is a big party in the city and are great things for everybody. In this week comes a lot of tourist in our city because everyone wants to have a great time. We have “Marijaia” that is a big woman who started the party week and when finished the week we burn it. The best things of this week are the concerts, the fireworks, the environment of the city and the wants of party.

We have best football team; maybe playing is not the best but has got the best fans. Last year Athletic arrived to the final of the King Cup in Valencia. The fans we exhausted and everyone was so proud of his team. The mach lost athletic but when the club arrived to Bilbao lots of fans where to the city hall to appreciate them and thanks them to be there and let us dreaming.

Bilbao has got one of the best public transports in Spain. Our public transport is effective, cheap, clean and beautiful. The underground is very used to go anywhere and is the cleanest underground in Europe. We have buses and tram too. The tram is more used by the tourist because permitted to see the city. The buses are used by the citizen to move into town. I like our metro because always is clean and never breaks.

I think Bilbao is a great place to live because isn’t too big, but has everything you want and can imagine. I love living here and I invited everyone to visit it, because you will found a lot of things that you couldn’t imagine before. CAME ON !


  1. Beautiful pictures, and I think it has been a great idea to mention the Athletic arriving to the final!


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