Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Bilbao, a wonderful city

I´ve always lived in Bilbao, a medium-size city that is located in the north of Spain, in Biscay, exactly. Some people think thet his name comes from the Basque " bi albo" meaning "two river banks". The city was founded in 1300 by Don Diego Lopez de Haro, but it has suffered many changes since then.
Bilbao now has became a very atractive city to visit and everyday I hear people speaking English or French. Tourism started 12 years ago with the Guggenheim Museum. There are only three Guggenheim Museums in the world: in New York, in Venice and in Bilbao.

But Bilbao has much more to show. The city is not anymore an industrial city, so the steel mills that were on both banks of the Nervión now have been replaced for parks and places for walk.

The basque culture is everywhere, for example in the Basque Country there is the best food in the world, so there are a lot of good restaurents of local food, most of them decorated traditionally, in order to maintain the basque environment. Another lenguage, Basque, is spoken. The tradition of fishing is still mantained, and easily you obtain fresh fish in the "Mercado de la Rivera".

Arts play also a very important role in the basque community, the Euskalduna Palace and the Arriaga antzokia are proof of it.

During the day, if you like shopping,there is nothing better than the Gran Vía with all it´shops., to take rest of the cultural visits.Bilbao is also a city that has an animated night-life. The old part is a very popular place to have a good time and if you go on saturday night you will find plenty of young people having a good time in bars.

To finish with, there is nothing better than going to San Mamés to enjoy with a football match of Athletic.

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