Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Bilbao, my hometown

We can find here the Guggenheim museum of Bilbao, my hometown. I will show you why is this city of the north of Spain so interesting.

Bilbao is one of the most important cities of the country because of its industrial tradition and economy. Lots of people from over Spain and other countries have been coming here with the propose to find a work in the twentieth century, so nowadays we can notice it is a cosmopolitan city. There are many posibilities to find a work in this nice city now as well.

Although it has been an industrial city, the city hall has invested plenty of money in its reconstruction. Marvellous places like the Euskalduna Palace, the new Metro and the redesigning of the place around the river are the building works of the last twenty years. Therefore, the tourism has increased in this period.

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