Monday, 14 December 2009

The perfect "Botxo" (2 of 2)

This the coat of arms of Bilbao. On the left side you can see San Anton's church and San Anton Bridge and on the right side you can see two wolfs, Bizkaia's symbol. The river you can see at the bottom of the copat of arms is the Nerbioi river.

The other symbol of Bilbao is its flag.

It's a big white flag with a red square in the top left side.

As you can see Bilbao's colors are red and white, and they are also the colors of the local religion...

Athletic Club Bilbao is the local football team and it is an almost "sacred" team in Bilbao, even some local jokes tell that supporting Athletic is a religion.

San Mames stadium is a quite old stadium but all the Athletic's fans make that Stadium unique in the world, furthermore, San Mames's nickname is "Football's Cathedral" in all Spain.

Bilbao has a very good transportation system including a two line metro, a six line commuter railway system, a tramway and quite a lot of public bus routes.

Bilbao's more important tourist attractions are:

  • The Guggenheim museum, in a wonderful building.
  • The Casco Viejo or old district.
  • All the Ensanche or New Town.
  • All the riverside.

I hope you enjoy during your visit to Bilbao, remember, the perfect Botxo!

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