Wednesday, 2 December 2009

The perfect "botxo" (1 of 2)

Bilbao, the biggest city in the Basque Country and one of the most important in the north of the Iberian peninsula, were it's located, it's a valley-city, located between mountains (as you can see in the photo) is a very modern and cosmopolitan city, but with remains of a very important industrial and historical past.

The city is 8 kilometres away from the sea but we can see mountains everywhere. In the center of the valley you can find the "Nerbioi" river which starts in "Orduña" and finishes between Getxo and Portugalete (two of the many suburbs of Bilbao) under the "Bizkaia Bridge", recently made by UNESCO "human heritage", or more colloquially known as "Puente Colgante" ("The hanging bridge") which you can see below.

Bilbao's population is of 353,168 inhabitants, but its metropolitan area reaches 1 million inhabitants. They are distributed in three different areas:

  • Northern Bilbao: all the industrial area. It starts in Barakaldo and finishes in Santurtzi. Twenty years before it was the most important mining area in all Spain.

  • Western Bilbao: also know as "Txorierri". It's the "second Bilbao" as it's also located in a valley surrounded by mountains. Here you cand find the Airport, the Technological park and some important towns such as Zamudio or Sondika.

  • Southern Bilbao: it's the less populated area of metropolitan Bilbao. You can find some towns such as Galdakao or Basauri.

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