Monday, 19 October 2009


Sex Pistols is apunk-rock band formed in 1975 in London(UK). They started the punk movement in that country, inspiring later more punk musicians. Their career only lasted 3 years but their ideas inspired many young people.

Originally, its musicians were: vocalist Johnny Rotten, guitarist Steve Jones, drummer Pau Cook and bassist Glen Matlock. Then Matlock was replaced by Sid Vicious in 1977 who died of a heroin overdose in February, 1979. The rest of the members continued with another group and they used to meet up sometimes.

Their concerts rapidly caused problems with the authorities and public appearances often ended up badly. Their single "God save the queen" went against the monarchy.

On 24 February 2006, the Sex Pistols were included into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but they refused to go to the ceremony, calling the museum "a piss stain".


  1. I like a lot this kind of music becouse it is fresh and different. In my opinion, the sex pistols are a great group and an example to follow by other groups

  2. We think this group of music is very important beacuse they were the first punk band and in our opinion their music is very original,we like them a lot :)

  3. One of the things I love from the punk is how they think and how they live. Particularly I like this band because they started a revolution and this song is a clear example of it.


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