Monday, 26 October 2009

The Script

It´s an Irish pop-rock band who started playing in 2007. They are three in the band:Danny O'Donoghue, Mark Sheehan and Glen Power.
In 2008, they published their first album, The Script, but they didn´t become famous until the single "The man who can´t be moved". We think that they become successful because of the lyrics and melodies of their songs. They mostly sing about love, always combined with beautiful sounds.
For example, in "The man who can't be moved" they talk about a boy who is waiting for his love who never returns. He thinks that she will come back someday and that he will always be waiting for her.


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  2. Although the song is quite slow I think it is very goods as the lyrics are very beautiful.
    I like a lot the video,don't you?

  3. We like this song because it expresses very good how that man wants to stay with that girl.
    The lyrics and the rhythm makes this song so special and also very easy-to-listen to.
    It also have atracted us the fact that the group is very young.
    Adrian & Alvaro

  4. We think that this song is very beautiful and very easy to understand how the man really feels. We really liked it!! :D

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