Monday, 19 October 2009

The Fratellis

The group we're going to talk about is The Fratellis. They're a Scottish band from Glasgow. Their name is the surname of the criminal family in "The Goonies" film , the band's favourite childhood movie.

On 4 March 2005 they played their first show in "O'Henry's bar" , in Glasgow and months later they received their first radio playing. They have also won several awards during their career. They won "Best British Band" award on 4 July 2008 , "Best European Border Breaking Act" award on 27 January 2008 and "Best British Breaktrough Act" on 14 February 2007.

One of their songs has also appeared on one tv comercial here , in Spain.
They have fans all around the world.

We like the group because they sound really good. They're not like other pop bands , their lyrics are more for teenagers.


  1. I had not listened to this song before but I think it is quite good. I hope that this young group will become more important and that it will be easier to have news about it

  2. I hadn't hear to this song before but it's really good!

    I liked the fact that I've seen the film used in the videoclip, wich is really funny.


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