Monday, 19 October 2009

Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop was one of the most famous punk and psychedelic pop singers of the second part of the twentieth century. He was amazed when he saw The Doors and the special singer Jim Morrison at the university in Michigan.

His first group was The Stooges. He was the singer from the early 70's to 1975.

However, Pop made his best music when The Stooges dissapeared. This singer has been a good friend of other artists like David Bowie and Jim Morrison, as I have mentioned. Although Iggy Pop created different punk and rock styles in songs like Lust for life, The Passenger, Real Wild Child and Candy, he has had a serious problem in his life with drugs, as he was addicted to cocaine and heroine.
In my view, he succeeded because of his special and extravagant personality, showed in his concerts and lyrics of his songs.

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